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External Status Checkers:

Wouldn't it be great if you were notified when new messages were left on your RealizationEngine ? Well, it's possible. We've included an external API in the RealizationEngine that allows you to retrieve a your message status without forcing you to visit the site and login.

Right now there is only one desktop status checking client, rcheck. rcheck is a prototype status checking client that we have designed as a proof of concept, demonstration, example and template. We use it to monitor all of our RealizationEngine accounts, and we have found it to be very effective. rcheck is also released under the GPL.

An RE checker for your Taskbar!
The Win32 version of recheck is now available:
rechecker installer
rechecker executable

This executable has been tested on Windows 2000 machines. Any feedback is appreciated. Just install it and run it.

The Win32 version is now available:
RCheck Installer for Win32 (1.1 MB)

This executable has been tested on Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows ME and Windows 98 machines. Any feedback is valued. Just install it and run it.

rcheck is a Perl script for you Unix/Linux people.

For the hacker type who wants to know how things work, you will also find a brief description of the status checking API on the rcheck page.