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Ease of use

Intuitive design does not require users to learn how to use the RealizationEngine before it increases their productivity

Because it is very simple to use (much easier to use, in truth, than e-mail), users will be more likely to communicate than they are with more complicated or involved interfaces. When communication happens, businesses are more productive, more profitable, less wasteful, and employees moral is improved when they don't feel like they are being left in the dark.


Breaks messages down by topic, department, project, etc.

Helps reduce/prevent information overload. Naturally organizes information for future reference.


Access control for write and read permissions.

With groups, users can be granted write and read permissions to folders quickly and easily. This allows quick and simple restriction of classified information, while allowing publicly readable and writable areas to be easily created to. This also allows for the creation of areas where a small group has write permissions, but the information is available for all to read.

Threading of messages

Messages are always displayed in the thread in which they were created.

Simplifies communication by eliminating confusion from created by the inability (of e-mail and other tools) to easily and quickly read all previous messages in a thread.

Central repository

All messages are kept in the RE database.

The burden of managing communication is placed on a database, which is designed expressly for managing data, and not on each user.

Simple search

Users can search all messages which they have access to.

The search engine can search through all messages. Old messages are preserved so that new employees have easy access to all previous communication, and search results are limited to areas to which the requesting users have read permissions.

Simple administration

The RE can be administered by any trusted employee*, and does not require a degree in Computer Science or MIS.

* the system administrator will have full access to the message database.

Reduces layers of red tape by not requiring multiple interactions with an already overburdened IT department by allowing company administration staff to immediately address new users, changes in organization, etc.

Quick and easy group creation

Groups can be created and “populated” within moments.

Teams and committees form regularly in business. The RE can be adapted by the creation of the new groups and the addition of users to those groups in mere moments, allowing the RE to keep pace with your organization. Reorganizations are no longer an information nightmare.

Easy, on-the-fly folder creation

Allows users to create sub-folders where and when they are needed

Any user who has permission to write in a folder can create a sub-folder. This means that information that requires special attention can easily be broken off into a separate folder to get that attention, and the team is not held hostage waiting for IT or an Administrator to make time to make an adjustment to the system.

Group Based Access Control

Provides means to control information by group and restricts access

Limits information overload and optimizes productivity

User Based Messaging

Users are provided information customized on a per user basis, that allows them to find information important to them

Optimizes productivity of each user

All messages are presented in context of their discussion

Unlike bulletin boards and e-mail the whole thread of information is always available & centrally managed

Eliminates wasted time of each user managing and searching for relevant information, leading to more productive workers.

Central repository

Manages the communication and knowledge information of your organization

Historical record of how decisions are reached reducing the redundancy of effort from project to project

Web-based system

Any web enabled device can access or contribute to any discussion database from any location

No special client-side software required. Information is available from and can be contributed from any web browser, regardless of device.

Centrally searchable

One search tool for all RealizationEngine data

Information is provided in context reducing wasted time to search for and retrieve data

Easy of communications by effective organization of data

Reduces barriers to communication

Corporate knowledge is organized and usable for future profitable decision-making

Hidden folders

Only group members can see the folders.

Users are not distracted by topics or discussion not relevant to them

Information always kept in context

Complete discussion is stored together

Reduces the amount of unproductive time spent in meetings

Multiple threads per page

Many threads are presented in a folder

Combined with “message compression,” this means that all relevant information for a folder can be quickly assimilated without requiring users to “dig” through multiple pages to harvest new information.

New message highlighting

New messages are boldly marked for users

Finding new information in a folder is simplified by boldly marking new messages. This reduces the time and effort for employees to make use of new data and information

Old message “compression”

Old messages are “compressed” by reducing them to displaying only the title, author and time-stamp information.

By reducing the information displayed for older messages, users are required to mentally filter out less irrelevant data, and can more quickly and efficiently gather the new information. One click will expand the full content of the thread whenever it is needed.

Customized threads per-page

The number of threads displayed per page can be easily customized (on a site-wide basis) by the administrator.

Since every organization is different, the administrator can easily change the default number of threads displayed to suit the structure and communication style of the organization.

Low bandwidth requirements

The RealizationEngine relies on a very small set of small graphics for navigation and cuing, resulting in very fast page loads

Does not add unnecessary bandwidth to your network, and does not needlessly delay users' access to or contribution of information