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RealizationEngine (TM)

it's how to get things done.(SM)
re • al • ize 1 a : to bring into concrete existence
en • gine 2 : something used to effect a purpose

The RealizationEngine helps companies rescue the time and productivity that is usually lost to unproductive meetings, poor communications and tracking down misplaced documents. Our software
Easy to use, [the RealizationEngine] has dramatically expanded our capacity to stay on top of all the various components of this venture. I highly recommend, without reservation, the RealizationEngine from Realization Systems, Inc., to any business or organization where continual, multiple open and instantaneous thought exchanges are desired.

From somewhere near the end zone,
Cla Avery
Local Organizer, Roswell GridIron

can help companies be more productive through better communication and reduce the number and frequency of meetings dramatically, while making the meetings you do have more productive and shorter. The RealizationEngine breaks down the barriers to communication and, at the same time, creates a lasting knowledge base for future reference. One huge advantage of the RealizationEgine is that it creates a managed, central repository the communication so that the burden of filing and tracking the communication is removed from the users. The RealizationEngine is web-based, so all of the information is available to employees from any web browser that has access to the server, when they are in their office, away from their office, or even traveling. Communication and information is organized in logical, departmental or project structures, which eliminates wasted redundancy, confusion and miscommunication. Access is controlled by assigning users to different groups, so confidential information can be kept confidential, and public information can be published in publicly available areas.

The RealizationEngine is a suitable tool for:
  • Communication base (completely replace e-mail or even Lotus Notes)
  • Collaboration
  • Idea Management
  • Project Management
  • Intranet
  • Extranet
  • Virtual meetings
  • Online communities
  • Virtual companies
  • One or all of the above in a single installation

    Every generation changes the world through technological breakthroughs in communication. From clay tablets to ink on papyrus. From feather quills to metal quills. Ink wells, printing press, linotype, high quality paper, typewriter, telegraph, fountain pen, ball-point pen, computer, internet, e-mail, world wide web....
    In today's world, e-mail is still considered state of the art, and e-mail is 30 years primitive. Today's workers spend 2.5 hours of company time, every day sorting through and deleting mostly unwanted e-mail. Multiple, outdated copies of documents circulate and cost companies billions of dollars per year. Messages sent via e-mail lose context over time and become impossible to back track meaningfully. Perhaps most damaging is that there is no coherent circulation scheme for e-mail. Messages get lost, misplaced, misdirected and important communication never takes place.

    The RealizationEngine is a solution to these problems.